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Shiver Entertainment, Miami FL

Concept Artist


Responsible for the style and look of a visual target for each game. While iterating on a unique and ownable style,  I work along side design,modeling, animation and engineering to finalize the ideas for an in game finish product. Able to pivot quickly to organic changes that can arise through the game development process.    

Bully Entertainment, Baltimore Md

 Freelance Concept Artist    


Responsible for backgrounds for an augmented reality game design. Worked remotely on ideas and iteratated concepts.  Referenced different styles to match demographics.  Responsible for weekly communication with studio and feedback.   

Zynga Conversion to Full-time, San Francisco Ca 

Concept Artist-Castleville Mobile


Worked closely with a remote studio creating concept art for a mobile franchise. Communicated closely with art directors and designs to create appealing content for the game. Responsible for point of interest building designs, backgrounds for UI and icons for menu selections. Worked closely with a remote studio creating concept art for a mobile franchise.Communicated closely with art directors and designs to create appealing content the game. Responsible for point of interest building designs, backgrounds forUI and icons for menu selections.


Concept Artist-Pirateville                                                                                                                               01/12-02/13

Contributed to creating visual ideas and concepts for a Pirateville game under an invest an Express division. Working with the art team, game designers and outsource vendors to create a seamless pipeline and process for creating content for the game. Created model packets, lighting packets and communicated with outsource for revisions on re- turning models.

Zynga (3months contract, extended), San Francisco Ca                                                                           3/11-01/12

2D Artist-Frontierville

Responsible for creating in game assets. Collaborated with an art team of 12 to submit daily art work and track status through JIRA on a day to day basis. Helped build team moral by scheduling off-site events for creative art team

Communtiy School of Music and the Arts (part-time), Mountainview,Ca                                                 2012

Digital Arts Instructor

Created course outlines for semester long classes. Provided presentations, speakers, homework, class involvement and demonstrations throughout a class session. Acted as mentor to middle school and high school students. 


ASI Sinage Innovations (3 month contract), Mountainview, Ca                                                             11/01-02/04

Created signage assembly, cut vinyl graphics and designs. Organized and distributed signage shipments to clients. 


computer skills

 Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, Autodesk Maya, Alias Sketch- book Pro, Corel Painter, Google Sketch up, jira 



 San Jose State                                                                                                                                                                                    2010

BFA, Animation/Illustration

Relevant Courses: illustration, color theory, visual development, 3-d modeling, technical drawing, animation

De Anza Junior College                                                                                                                                                                       2004

A.A. Degree

Studio classes included life drawing, sculpture, metal and wood work. Advance painting, design, color theory and photography.




Visual Development for Berimbau short film-2008

 Visual Development for Janey Ryan-2009

Study Abroad:
Paris, France with SJSU Art program-2007

 Vietnam with De Anza Sociology Department-2010 



Barefoot Coffee Roasters-2007

 Selected works: Portraits painted and drawn

Selected works: Painted portraits and life drawings
Pacific Art Collective-2005

 Live painting show at San jose Museum of Art

San Jose State University-2005

 Selected works: Charkole reversal and sketchbook drawings